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Svjetlana Kireta

Svjetlana started work in the Queen Elizabeth Hosiptal Renal Transplant Immunology Laboratory in 1991, shortly after arriving to Australia. She graduated from Zagreb University in Croatia and was employed for 5 years as a Research Scientist in The Biochemistry department of a Pharmaceutical Company, then spent a year working in the Department of Biological Sciences at The University College of Wales, UK.

Over the years in our laboratory (now the CCET) Svjetlana worked on a number of projects in the field of immunobiology of transplantation. The main areas of research include adenoviral gene therapy and regulatory-T cells, dendritic cells biology in humans and animal models, and immunomodulation therapies for organ transplantation.  She has expertise in flow cytometry and may other laboratory techniques, and is responsible for trainign of new students in the laboratory. She currently works on dendritic cells and their precursors in pre-eclampsia, a serious disorder of pregnancy.


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