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Dr Shilpanjali Jesudason

Dr Jesudason (nee Prasad) is a nephrologist in the Central and Northern Adelaide Renal and Transplantation Service (CNARTS) at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, visiting consultant in Obstetric Medicine and Obstetric Nephrology at the Women's and Children's Hospital and Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Adelaide. She trained at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Flinders Medical Centre and St Mary's Hospital Transplant Unit (UK). She returned in 2004 to undertake PhD studies in transplantation immunology (dendritic cell biology) at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. She joined the Women's and Children's team in 2010, and the Royal Adelaide Hospital team in 2011.

Her current clinical interests revolve around the theme of Obstetric Nephrology. She has expertise in the management of pregnancy-related issues in women with renal disease, including CKD, dialysis and transplant patients, and living kidney donors.  Her clinical research aims to define maternal, fetal and infant aspects of pregnancies in women with all stages of chronic kidney disease, as well as longer-term outcomes for babies of men and women with kidney failure. She oversees a broad range of research activities utilising population and registry data linkage and and epidemiological analysis, employing qualitative methods to explore patient and clinican perspectives, and is developing prospective studies to generate new evidence to inform clinical decision-making, identify gaps in care, and influence management and outcomes for this high-risk cohort. 

Her current laboratory research involves defining aspects of immune phenotype and function in normal versus pre-eclamptic pregnancies. In collaboration with colleagues Prof Toby Coates and Dr Rob Carroll, other projects include developing novel methods to target dendritic cells to modify the immune repsonse in transplantation, and new methods of evaluating the immune phenotype in transplant receipients to enable individualisation of immunosuppression in transplant recipients.

She supervises PhD and honours students, medical students and physician trainees in research projects, as well as supervising 24 basic trainees per year in CNARTS. She leads the newly established CNARTS Clinical Research Group which brings together an experienced group of medical, nursing and allied health researchers.


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