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Our Staff

We have an experienced team of researchers conducting study into a large number of areas related to Renal and Transplant Medicine.

Department Head

Professor Graeme Russ

Clinical Lead for Research and Training - Professor Randall Faull

Clinical Researchers

Dr Rob Carroll
Prof Toby Coates - Director of Transplantation
Dr Shilpa Jesudason
A/Prof Chen Au Peh


Chris Drogemuller (Principal Medical Scientist)
Plinio Hurtado (Senior Scientist)
Svjetlana Kireta (Senior Scientist)
Jodie Nitschke (Senior Scientist)
Daniella Penko (Scientist)
Julie Johnston (Technical Officer)

Post-Doctoral Researchers:

Dr Darling Rojas-Canales

Dr Christopher Hope



  • Kisha Sivananthan
  • Bron Lett
  • Ernesto Hurtado


  • Peter Rose
  • Sebastian Stead
  • Alexander Fuss
  • Frederick Chia

Recent Alumni 

  • Mariea Bosco (PhD student)
  • Dr Michael Collins (PhD Student)
  • Dr Amy Hughes (PhD student)
  • Dr Chris Hope (PhD student)