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Since 2005, the Centre for Clinical and Experimental Transplantation has provided supervision and support to students undertaking Ph D and Honours projects. We recognise the contributions of these alumni to the Centre here.

Ph. D. Completions

Name Year Title
Ashley Newland 2006 Immunomodulatory effects of adenoviral CTLA4-EGFP transfcted dendritic cells in allotransplantation.
Wai Lim 2006 Role of Blood Myeloid and  plasmacytoid dendritic cells in chronic renal failure and kidney transplantation.
Hooi Eng 2009 Specificity and properties of anti-HLA antibodies associated with renal allograft rejection with HLA-G.
Boris Fedoric 2009 Generation of tolergenic human dendritic cells through rapamycin conditioning and genetic modification.
Shilpa Jesudason 2009 Studies of immune biology of the common marmoset: A novel non-human primate transplantation model.
Natasha Rogers 2011 Modulation of antigen presenting cells function to affect innate and adaptive immune responses: Implications for organ transplantation
Darling Rojas-Canales 2011 Studies of clinically applicable human tolerogenic dendritic cells and PD-L2 genetic modification of human islet allograft to promote graft tolerances
Shaundeep Sen 2012 Endothelial progenitor cells, uraemic toxins and the development of endothelial disfunction in chronic kidney disease.
Amy Hughes 2013 Optimal Delivery of therapeutic genes to pancreatic islets

Honours Completions

Name Year Title
Nick Mabarrack 2005 Small interferring RNA-mediated silencing of CD40 in dendritic cells.
Boris Fedoric 2005 The effect of immunosuppression on the ILT3 and ILT4
Darling Rojas 2006 Modifying dendritic cell function by siRNA mediated silencing of PKC beta II.
D.M.A. Munasinghe 2006 Isolation and characterisation of ovine CD4+veCD25+ve regulatory T cells.
Dylan King 2006 Functional studies of eosinophils and plasmacytoid dendritic cells in human and murine models.
Dieu Dang 2007 Major Histocompatibility complex genotypes, ABO and other red cell antigens in the common marmoset.
Dongoing Yang 2007 Generation of FOXP3 adenoviral constructs for the transfection of dendritic cells.
Jessica McIntyre 2007 The generation of human T regulatory cells by allogeneic dendritic cells.
Amy Hughes 2008 The conversion of mesenchymal stem cells into insulin producing cells.
Amanda Kupke 2008 Transduction of pancreatic islets with insulin-like growth factor II for transplantation in the treatment of type I diabetes.
Miranda Coleman 2009 T cells aquire antigen presenting function from dendritic cells.
Chris Hope 2009 DNA methylation of adipogenic genes in mesenchymal stem cells during adipogenic differentiation.
Tim Searcy 2009 Human mesenchymal stem cells inhibit monocyte derived dendritic cell phenotype and function.
Raymond Yu 2009 Calcium supplementation and its effects on bone loss in renal transplant recipients.
James Cooney 2009 The effect of ectopic FOXP3 expression on mesenchymal stem cell function.
Kisha Sivanathan 2010 Pro-inflammatory cytokines modify mesenchyma stem cells ability to suppress T cell immune response.
Daniella Penko 2010 Rat endothelial progenitor cells to promote pancreatic islet engraftment.
Nikhil Thyagarajan 2012 Sphingosine kinase 1: A new target in enhancing pancreatic islet transplantation.