About Us

The Centre for Clinical and Experimental Transplantation is a research centre that brings together a wide variety of expertise relating to transplantation, cellular therapies, kidney disease and immunobiology. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, our team consists of doctors, scientists, and students whose aim is to research the mechanisms of disease and potential avenues for improving patient outcomes in transplantation and immunological kidney diseases.

We are under the governance of the Central and Northern Adelaide Renal and Transplantation Service, based at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. We are also part of:

Our research interests include:

  • The development of novel cell-based treatments such as islet transplantation
  • The investigation of potential therapies to improve cell and organ transplant survival
  • The development of new ways of evaluating the immune system before transplantation and monitoring immune function after transplantation to provide cutting edge standard of care
  • The study of immune-mediated kidney diseases such as vasculitis and glomerulonephritis, how disease develops and targets for future therapies
  • The study of mechanisms of pre-eclampsia pathogenesis, pregnancy immunology and pregnancy outcomes in women with renal disease

The CCET has an ongoing commitment to teaching, supporting students in their research and providing a stimulating environment for sharing of research expertise and promotes wide collaboration with many research groups in Australia and world-wide.